All consultants, who carry out an assessment of employees and candidates have completed

special trainings and have certificates.


The key tool in our work is a structured interview, which helps to see the full picture of the candidate, all that is hidden behind the profile in the CV:


- Strengths

Weak sides


Experience of behavior in various situations

Skills and competencies


our values:


open communication




customer performance


work quality






     how we work

We identify company’s key values and formulate requirements for the future employee’s role in

order to select the most efficient search strategy, appropriate systems for evaluating candidates

and sources of potential candidates.


The usage of candidate evaluation systems and technological tools allows our consultants to recommend future employees. We know how to use a variety of tools and opportunities to find a talented employee for you.

 Working conditions:

We have many options to find the best way to interact:

Prepaid project management:

1. Involves mutual obligations of client and Benchmark

2. Provides prescribed deadlines, amount of candidates

3. Analytics and mapping of the market are included in prepaid projects.

We are trusted by:

address:  127006, Moscow, Leningradsky prospect 47/2


office: +7 (495) 177-18-53

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