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Are you satisfied with your career?

Do you enjoy your work?

Are you comfortable while you are at your workplace?

Do you feel like you fulfill your professional ambitions entirely?

Is your expertise relevant?


The professional support is often needed in order to answer these questions. 

What is the difference between coaching and career consultancy?

Coaching and career consultancy are two methods that could be used in parallel or simultaneously.

Career consultant is an expert who brings the expertise in the cooperation with clients. We recommend to work with consultants who operate in business. 


While working with a career consultant you can:

Evaluate your expertise and find a correlation with market requirements in the sphere of your professional interest.

Compose a developement plan, schedule a new career vector or capitalize existing knowledge and experience.

Search and evaluate vacancies efficiently, form your CV and cover letter, practice the skill of presenting yourself in a good way during the interview. 

Career consultancy is NOT about the immediate help. This is about smart approach to the career building. For those who come close to the age crisis when the main values and lifeviews are reconsidered it is the most essential.

In coaching the demand usually more general. Coach does not necessarily need to perform the expertise, they help to create the vision for clients that is based on their previous experience.

What are the components of this process? And for whom we recommend package solutions?

1. Introduction (what inquiry is needed + information about our work) - online 10-15 minutes. This is before the payment.

2. The payment, completing the application form.

3. Meeting - diagnostics and clarification of the inquiry. It could be performed in the way of coaching session or consultation.

4. Report-plan + discussion (online)

Next we provide the assistance that may include several meetings on practicall skills, e.g. writing cover letters, carrying out personal presentations and interviews.


One-time session: 15000

Package solution (3 sessions): 36000

Package solution (5 sessions): 57000

Estimating systems we work with:


You are no longer inspired by what you are doing?

Don’t you see any prospects for yourself in the company?

Often you need support to answer such difficult questions.

A career consultant inspires you to find a solution and helps:

- To understand what you really want and separate the main from the secondary

- To identify the vector of development in specific profession

- To find a support, motivation and gain faith in yourself

- Build a step-by-step plan for setting and achieving goals

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